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    Project Manager

    Pittsburgh, PA




    The Project Manager will ensure complete and accurate assessments are completed for each home adaptation applicant, synthesize construction and occupational therapy reports and create the participant evaluation documents. The PM will work with the Directors of Construction and Analytics to operationalize contracts into policy and process for the home adaptation team and ensure project goals and expectations are met. The PM will oversee the Home Adaptation Supervisors and will be responsible for their training, management and reporting. The PM will monitor the volume, type and costs of home adaptation projects and create forecasts for capital, workforce and infrastructure needed to successfully administer the program. Finally, the PM will ensure home adaptation projects meet local zoning and permitting expectations.


    Job Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Create and manage policy and protocol to execute home renovations per Omicelo’s contracts
    2. Ensure renovation recommendations can be technically implemented within the constraints of project goals, budgets and within local ordinances and code
    3. Investigate and compile zoning and permitting information for the municipalities across Southwester PA and develop relationships with governing bodies to ensure zoning and permitting expectations are clear, known to the team and emergent issues can be directed to the right parties
    4. Assist in identification and selection of contractors.  Cultivate, teach and mentor partner subcontractors
    5. Ensure adequate staff are available for, trained in and present at Assessment and Bidding meetings
    6. Resolve any scope change issues that emerge during Bidding meetings
    7. Set and manage critical incident reporting process and protocol. 
    8. Ensure project timelines have been submitted by subcontractor partners and record any timeline changes. 
    9. Monitor progress and ascertain whether phases of the construction process are in compliance with building plans and project deadlines
    10. At building completion, ensure quality, oversee additions, corrections and repairs
    11. Participate actively in the team’s development of price books/standard cost expectations
    12. Attend regular and special meetings including community outreach, funding and zoning
    13. Act as a mentor for members of the team and contracted partners including the investigation and resolution of complex cases. 

    Qualifications and Experience

    • BS Degree
    • Minimum of 5 years of work experience in real estate/housing/construction including contract management, budgeting, design and construction oversight
    • Demonstrated leadership overseeing projects from concept to completion with consistent quality assurance.
    • Ability to not only manage but lead a multidisciplinary team including design, construction, funding and key stakeholders.
    • Possess reliable vehicle and be available to travel across the region.


    • Ability to translate designs and technical drawings to finished adaptations
    • Strong problem solving and analytical abilities
    • Excellent project implementation, organizational and planning skills
    • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
    • Proficiency in all industry related technologies and project management/scheduling software
    • Deep understanding of contract and vendor negotiations
    • Excellent customer service
    • Coaching and Mentoring

    Benefits Summary

    • Monthly health insurance stipend for physical, dental and optical health care
    • Life, short and long-term disability insurances provided by employer
    • 401 matching at vesting date of one year
    Please email a copy of your resume and cover letter to Adrienne.Walnoha@omicelo.com




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