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    Mission-Driven Real Estate Investing

  • Our Mission

    Omicelo aims to create comprehensive economic change throughout communities, without causing unnecessary displacement.

    Core Values

    We build Home | Health | Wealth in communities by upholding two essential core values:

    1) Housing is a social determinant of health; and

    2) Improving neighborhoods promotes the economic livelihood of community members

    The Team

    Omicelo leverages the expertise, unique perspectives and broad-ranging backgrounds of its Managing Partners. Together, we have over 50 years of real estate expertise from world-class institutions like Goldman Sachs, Freddie Mac, and The Carlyle Group. We are proud to be working collectively toward a common vision: strong, sustainable communities

    Our Work

    We strengthen neighborhoods from the inside out through people-first investing in multifamily assets, single family homes, and residential whole loans.

  • Our Edge

    Omicelo's unparalleled focus on technology, sustainable community-building and deep network across the real estate industry draw out differentiated deal flow and create specialized knowledge that helps co-investors and clients.





    Omicelo is unique in that we partner with a wide range of community organizations, corporations, and government entities to drive our mission forward. Home | Health | Wealth remains our focal point at all times.


    As a mission-focused, minority & woman owned business with a hybrid for-profit/nonprofit structure, Omicelo engages in an elevated level of corporate social responsibility that benefits governments, foundations,

    and for-profit partners alike.

    Visit www.omicelocares.org for more information about our sister organization.



    Revolutionizing Real Estate Investment

    People-first investing is key to creating comprehensive economic change. That's why Omicelo has launched

    its groundbreaking Family Navigators program.


    We're strengthening neighborhoods at the cusp of economic change by empowering the people who

    already live there.


    We deliver more than just high-quality homes. Through our valued partnerships, we ensure that tenants receive holistic home-ownership education as well as the wrap-around services which are critical to

    achieving - and maintaining - economic well-being.


    Furthermore, our leading-edge analytics and viable models ensure sound returns for our investors.

  • Our Experts

    People. Our Best Investment.

    President, CEO

    Joshua founded Omicelo in 2014, driven by the belief that real estate investment must be approached holistically in order to achieve truly sustainable communities. As a US real estate and financial management expert, Joshua led US housing research for Goldman Sachs throughout the Great Recession and was responsible for a $100 million portfolio of real estate securities at Pine River Capital Management. He has received numerous awards, including an addition to the Forbes' 30 under 30 list. He currently serves on the boards of several nonprofit organizations.

    Managing Partner,


    Kathleen joined the company in 2016 to lead investor relations, monitor compliance, and oversee all aspects of HR. She brings over 30 years of mortgage expertise as a leader in non-performing loan acquisitions and servicing. Kathy formerly spearheaded policy and technology at Freddie Mac, Claims Recovery Financial Services and other organizations. She continues to serve as the Executive Advisor of Housing Initiatives at Military Warriors Support Foundation, a nonprofit which has provided mortgage-free homes to over 800 veterans.

    Managing Partner,


    Jeffrey brought his expertise in analytics to Omicelo in 2016 to lead all research initiatives. He formerly served as a Vice President at The Carlyle Group and was the lead portfolio manager for two real estate funds in excess of $2 billion. He built proprietary economic predictive models using advanced statistical coding programs. Jeffrey also served as a Repo Trader at GMAC RFC Securities and a Quantitative Analyst for Corporate Executive Board. He currently serves on the board of directors to an education-focused nonprofit.

  • Careers at Omicelo

    ADA Home Renovation Supervisor

    Pittsburgh, PA



    Omicelo Construction Group is seeking a seasoned and flexible ADA Home Renovation Supervisor to lead the Home Adaptation Team in the identification of home modification and renovation strategies that will improve the health and safety of the participants home while enhancing their mobility.

    • Work in tandem with service coordinators, occupational therapists, and subcontractors to create and manage scope of work while overseeing adaptations site
    • Great pay and full benefits package
    • Engagement with a diverse and passionate team
    • The opportunity to learn new skills and be a leader in the emerging industry of home adaptation


    ADA Home Renovation Manager

    Pittsburgh, PA



    Omicelo Construction Group is seeking an ADA Home Renovation Manager to direct, coordinate and oversee the operations of its Home Adaptation Team from the conceptual development of adaptation projects to implementation and quality assurance.

    • Lead project scheduling, determine labor requirements, review and submit bids, oversee Renovation Supervisors
    • Great pay and full benefits package
    • Act as a mentor and teacher for subcontractors
    • Engage in a newly emerging and rapidly growing field of architecture and construction

    Compliance Manager for Real Estate and Renovations

    Pittsburgh, PA



    Omicelo is seeking a Compliance Manager for Real Estate and Renovations to work in partnership with the Home Adaptation Team to ensure services and project construction are consistent, meeting both external and internal requirements, and comply with legal and regulatory standards.

    • Coordinate creation and enforcement of quality standards while ensuring proper policies and procedures are in place to guide operations
    • Great pay and full benefits package
    • The opportunity to explore new systems and processes
    • A change to positively impact thousands of neighbors across the state of PA
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